Agent Affiliate Program

Agent Affiliate Program

Come join our network of professional real estate agents who participate in Nationwide Short Sale Solutions program where we help Realtors like you focus on what you do best; list and sell real estate, and server your customers. We facilitate the short sale process between your seller and their lenders, and work to assure that you receive your full listing commission.

There are many benefits of working with us as a team. There is no fee or charge to become a Agent Affiliate of Nationwide Short Sale Solutions.  Many sellers call us directly before contacting a listing agent, meaning that when you register to be an affiliate, we will be able to refer potential listings to you.

When you are registered, you can start sending your short sale deals to us and we will work together to assist your customer in a timely manner. Register today and let the Nationwide Short Sale Solutions team handle all of your short sales. We are excited about the opportunity of working with you and helping your short sale listings to close smoothly, every time.

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If you have questions or would like to learn more about this program with us, please Contact Us

Benefits - Agent Affiliate Program

  • No costs or fees to the Agent Affiliate for the comprehensive, turnkey Short Sale service
  • We handle all short sale processing, negotiations and assist in finding buyers for the properties
  • Realtor/Agent retains all Real Estate Agent commissions
  • Allows Realtor/Agent to focus on their regular tasks and not get tied down with a short sale processing tasks, etc.
  • Turnkey Short Sale processing at no additional fee to Real Estate Agent
  • Express access to status information on their Short Sales via our online software system
  • Participation in a “National Real Estate Short Sale” organization that will keep all participants abreast of changing trends in the industry