Because of the personal way we work, we hear it all the time-- fast, efficient, and personal! But you don't have to take our word for it. Here's just some of what people have written back to us:

Steve & Catherine

Steven and I cannot put into words what your hard work and dedication meant to us in closing our short sale. We feel the loan would not have completed if not for your involvement...for that, we are truly grateful.  Best of luck for you and your team with all futurte business.

A. Rodriguez

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for what you've done. We really appreciate all the hard work, and we know it was not easy. May good fortune come your way for all the good work you do.

J. Sheffer

Finding more to send your way!
Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Mian Qamar

Dear Mayrene:

What a great company and Super Fast Staff that inform all kind of activities.  Soon I will give a review on Google about your company.  I wish everyone work like your Company.
Have Wonderful Weekend.
Kind Regards

A. Huggins

I just want to tell everyone from Blue Anchor Advisors/Nationwide Short Sale Solutions that I am really appreciative of everything you did for my life. It was an amazing process and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome. I feel like a new man and on top of the world. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I know that Blue Anchors will use your professionalism to help improve other people’s lives.

J. Sheffer - Associate Broker

Got your voice mail, thanks for the update and using you guys has made my life so much easier! I don't shy away from short sales anymore!

M. Moore

Dear Jim & Pam,

We simply just wanted to say "Thank You". If it was not for all of your hard work and professionalism, we couldn't have closed on 2 Fisler Drive.  Thank you for all of your hard work.


R. Edwards

I was told that a Short Sell is very stressful and time consuming. That may be true for others, but my experience was very smooth, non-stressful, and didn’t take much time at all. This was in large part due to the efforts of the team at Nationwide Short Sale Solutions/Blue Anchor Advisors. It took the team 6 months to sell my home. In comparison to some of my friends that have tried / are trying a short sell, that was relatively fast (I have one friend that has been trying to get a short sell on her home for about a year now). From the time I started working with Nationwide Short Sale Solutions/Blue Anchor to sell my home to the day it closed, the process was smooth and easy. They gave me constant updates on the proceedings, and were very responsive to my inquiries. I fully recommend Nationwide Short Sale Solutions/Blue Anchor if you need a short sell on your home.

Thanks again Pam. Your team did a great job, and I’m very appreciative of your efforts.

B. Avante

Pam!! You're amazing!!! Thank you so much for your persistence and patience with everyone, especially me, lol. Now I know what to except and will definitely step up my game.

You are truly great at what you do! Thank you so much!!

S. Banis - South Carolina Homes, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know how much we like doing our business with you. You all communicate quite effectively with us and with our clients, keep us in the communications loop, and are on top of the deals. That is a winning combination for us!  Please keep up the great work.

L. Madamba


Thank you for your consistent follow up and update. You are truly on top of your game!!

It is great to work with you and your team.

Thank you.

I bid you Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health in all that you do!
Best regards and be well,

M. D'Angelo

hey hey just got call from my buyer she is Sooooo happy. She cant believe we pulled this off because she was getting such negative comments from others telling her short sales are nightmare! yes sometimes they are but when you have a good team working together its all the best!!!

send that approval letter to attorney so we can get 2nd deposit mailed.. thanks again for all your help and professionalism
Make it a great day.
Kind Regards,


K. Speck and Family


Thank you all for everything you guys have done for me and my family. The hours, efforts that you all have put into this has truly changed our lives. You all have helped us move past a very difficult time. Thank you so much for everything.

C. Webber

Nationwide and Blue Anchor,

I wanted to send in a letter to say thank you for all your help in the difficult situation I was in with having to short sale my property.  You truly did an amazing job that I never could have done myself.  I want to give a special thanks to Pam for all her hard work as well.  After having two buyers fall through, it took an entire year from start to finish.  And that entire year I know Pam worked diligently to get the banks to agree to the short sale and eliminate my risk.  She was always very responsive to any inquiry I sent her and went above and beyond by helping with the condo association in reducing my fees owed to them saving me even more thousands of dollars.  She is amazing!  I will recommend Nationwide and  Blue Anchor to anyone that is going through this difficult housing crisis as I was.  Thanks to you, I can sleep much better at night now.


J. Owsiany

Jim Sullivan and his team at Nationwide Short Sales have enabled me and my team to focus our time and energies on our buyers and sellers, and not on the phone with the banks!  Their experience and expertise in dealing with the banks and negotiating the short sales take that off of our plate and allows us to do what we do best:  Sell homes!  The time that we save by leveraging allows us to obtain more listings, resulting in more buyer and more sales!   Anyone who is listing short sales should talk to Jim before taking their next listing!  Teaming up with Nationwide Short Sales will allow us to take an unlimited number of new short sale listings!

J. Rico

I just closed my first short sale with Nationwide Short Sale Service, and I have converted from avoiding short sales, to seeking them out.  Nationwide handled all the difficult and potentially litigious pieces of my short sale, secured bank statements and tax records directly from my seller, and got extensions and ultimately approvals from Bank of America on a HELOC loan!

Since my client also had a great experience, and I didn't need to spend 30+ hours dealing with the bank, this was definitely a win-win experience.   Naturally, as a Coach, each time a client sends a short sale to Nationwide, they now have extra time in their week to lead generate for another transaction.  Where else can you get a time saving service, at no cost, that produces better results than if I did it myself?

R. Rogers

Melissa is doing great. I am now the envy of 40 agents on Facebook, they are dying to know how I got an interior BPO scheduled the week of thanksgiving 2 days after submitting the package, I’m telling them I can’t give away all my secrets that they have to talk to you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

B. Leon

Please let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bill Leon, President of the Broward REIA, located in Southeast Florida. Our organization has been in existence since 2002. We provide a dynamic environment for all investors, from beginners to full time professionals, where all members and attendees have the opportunity to enhance their investing education, in addition to freely networking with all in attendance.

The main purpose of this letter is to provide a reference for Jim Sullivan. He has been a very supportive member to our association since its inception in 2002. His membership has been in good standing with us throughout the years. Mr. Sullivan is a dedicated professional and would be an asset to your organization and its members.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

F. Alfieri

Melissa is on top of my files and sends me updates/asks for updates each week!

Works perfectly.


T. Braunagel

I am in the process of using NationWide Short Sale services to help with negotiating the sale with my client's bank.  Jim and Pam have taken over the short sale process by inserting themselves in between the bank and my clients.  They are committed to updating me weekly and my clients, which helps me add a unique touch during the listing and closing process.  As no short sale is unique, they are committed to doing what is right for our client in keeping with the Keller Williams culture and makes it very easy to work with them.

Inserting Pam and Jim into the short sale process takes away the frustrations in dealing with a short sale and ideally turns a short sale into a conventional deal for agents.  I recommend Pam and Jim and their service to others.

Thank you.

L. Treonze

"My client is currently using Nation Wide Short Sale, and it has not been an easy short sale to negotiate. She has been very pleased with Nation Wide's follow-up and communication in this difficult process. We look forward to a smooth closing."

Best wishes,

J. Borgailo

Hi Jim:

This is just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your service and how happy I am that you were referred to me.After trying to get short sales done either by myself or with the help of the title company, this was truly a relief to have you and your team working for my customers.  The package is clear and concise so you have everything you need up front, the response by your team is immediate and I am amazed that on everyone of my short sales sent to you, the BPO was ordered and done within 10 to 11 days after you received the entire package.

The fact that you are there for us and willing to help is so important.  I have really broadened my knowledge of short sales because of the willingness to share information so pertinent to this subject.

Thank you again for all your help and I would recommend Nationwide Short Sale Services to any all realtors who are looking for good service and fast results.


J. Touchette

Thank you Pam, you guys did exactly what you said you were going to do!!! You guys are the best!!! Thank you for making a bad situation better.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Jesse Touchette
Outside Sales Miami
Hydradyne Hydraulics

A. Idan

Yay! You rock Pam!!!

Send my regards to the rest of the team please

I can't thank you enough for a job well done!

All the best,

Amir Idan

L .Turco

Pam & Melissa,

Thanks so much to you and the whole Blue Anchor team for their hard work in negotiating this short sale with CitiMortgage & SunTrust.  I greatly appreciate being out from under this after three long years of trying to work something out with CitiMortgage.  It is heart-breaking that the buyers got this property for less than we had put down on it to begin with, however, we have pulled up our bootstraps, so to speak, and are moving forward, not looking back at the financial loss … it is an unfortunate sign of the current times.  I am very thankful that we didn’t have to proceed through a foreclosure which would’ve hung over my head for years to come.

Thank you for the information about credit cleaning.  I will check it out.

Thank you for the reassurance that you have shredded all my personal information.  I intend to shred the whole box I have as well, now that closing is over and the buyers have moved into the property!

Thanks again for the professionalism with which you handled my case.

J. W.

My thanks and appreciation to Nationwide Short Sale Solutions, Blue Anchor Advisors and the Miller team!  You guys are consummate professionals in every way.  I applaud your skill, knowledge, attitude, professionalism, and effectiveness.  I  would recommend your organizations at any time!!

Pam, pass on my sincere appreciation to Melissa and Jim.


M. Kingsbury

Hi Pam,

You have been so great to work with I really appreciate your communication and all the work you have done for us. I would recommend Blue Anchor to anyone in our situation. 
We do hope to buy again in the next few years so I will check that site out after the first of the year. For now we are looking for a little calm and peace again and getting our lives back in order! 
Enjoy the fall and the upcoming holidays. 

Thank you,

D. McKinley

Pam and Jim

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and everyone else at your company for all the assistance that you provided in getting this property closed out. This was definitely a difficult one, but with your efforts we were able to get it completed.

Thank you again for all the help that you have been in this file and each and everyone that we’ve given to you guys. You have proven to be one of the best negotiators in the short sale world and it’s great to have you on our team.

Best Regards,

Amador Lopez

Thank you very much.  All of you.  For your patience, for your perseverance and for your professional doing.  It has been a long process, but you have done a great job.  My apologies for the pressure that, out of my personal frustration, I may have put on any of you.

Thnx again and very Merry Christmas.  God bless.

Mike and Chia

It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you today.

THANK YOU! so very much, we appreciate your time and much kind considerations.  Please let Jim know that during this very difficult time for us, we are very grateful for people such as himself that are taking our financial situation into consideration.

Again, thank you for your time and kindness.

Best regards,

A. Braschetti

Subject: Services

Hi Mayrene, I am currently working on a short sale in San Diego in which I
am the buyers agent.

I have so far been pleased with the communication that blue anchor has
provided. I may have a short sale listing of my own coming up in the future,
and I wanted to possibly have you be the short sale negotiator.

O. Velitschkow 

To Everyone at Blue Anchor,

I want to say THANK YOU for everything everyone there has done for me to help me threw this difficult time, This company was AMAZING, Everyone there is on the ball, I always had a response from someone right away, if I called on the phone, I was able to also speak to someone right away, I am thankful that I used this company to help me, otherwise I would be in forclosure, and Im so glad that I didnt have to go threw that. I definitely will recommend you guys to anyone I know that is going threw this. Thank You again for all your help,

A. Lewis 

Mayrene, Jim and Staff,

I cannot thank you all enough on how professional, courteous and supportive you all have been throughout this Short Sale process. I will mention your names to any others that will need your services!


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