Marketing Methods and Prospecting Tools

Marketing Methods and Prospecting Tools

Short Sale Marketing Methods for Realtors

  1. Pick a neighborhood that was built between 2004 and 2008.If the homeowners did not buy with cash, then they will be a short sale prospect. Print flyers (we have samples) and have them distributed door to door on a monthly basis.
  2. When you list a property in a neighborhood like this that has a lot of negative equity put up a short sale sign and hold an open house. Many of the people who stop by will be neighbors who are in the same situation.
  3. Send a flyer to everyone in your market who bought a property between 2004 and 2008. Many of them may be short sale prospects. Your local title company can generate this list for you.
  4. Call Mortgage Brokers in your market and ask them “Do you have sellers call you to refinance and cannot because they have no equity? I’m a short sale expert. If you would refer these people to me, I will refer the potential buyers back to you to prequalify”.
  5. Visit local banks and ask the branch manager "Do you have local people apply to refinance and you can't help them because they owe too much. Do you have local people in danger of getting foreclosed and they can't sell because they have no equity? I am a short sale expert.  If you will refer these people to me I can help them. I  in turn will refer my buyers moving into the area to you to set up new accounts."
  6. Research and call and/or mail to all NOD’s (Notice of Default) in your market. These people need help!
  7. Call and or/mail to all 30 days late in your market. One of our mastermind group members can get you this list.
  8. Call all of your Past Clients and SOI’s and tell them. “I am specializing in short sales. In fact my processing team has already closed hundreds of them. In this market we all know people that are upside down and need help. Who do you know that I can help?”
  9. Use the everywhere you go approach to get in conversations with people about the economy and the real estate market and ask them who they know who you can help.
  10. Join your local real estate Investors Association ( Promote yourself as the short sale specialist for the group.
  11. Use “We buy houses” signs and ads to attract short sales and find deals for local investors.
  12. Talk to other agents in your market that are not doing or do not want to do short sales and offer them a referall fee.
  13. Call Divorce and Probate attorneys and offer to help their clients liquidate their real estate.
  14. Explain the Benefits of HAFA to everyone you meet.
  15. Contact Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in your market. Many of their sellers want to sell and have hired an attorney to avoid       deficiency issues. Offer to help them get the properties sold.
  16. Ask BPO agents if you can give them business cards to give to homeowners. If you are doing BPO's, knock on the door and       offer to help the homeowner.
  17. Contact local accountants and CPA's. Ask them "Do you have clients call you and ask about 1099's and the tax implications of   short sales and foreclosures? I'm a short sale specialist. If you refer them to me to make sure they are successful I will refer       people to you that ask me for a great CPA."
  18. Contact the "junk out" companies in your area. Tell them "I specialize in helping sellers with short sales.Do you have       howeowners who need your services that are selling their home? Can we refer business to each other?"
  19. Contact Property Management companies. Ask them, "Are you taking on new clients at this time? Great I'm a local Realtor.   Many of my clients need to move and can't sell and need your services. Do you have existing clients that are having trouble      making their mortgage payments with the rent you collect? I specialize in short sales, I can help them avoid foreclosure and keep the existing tenants in place for a period of time. Can we refer business to each other?"
  20. Contact Insurance agents and ask them "Do you have people who have insurance policies cancelled because they are behind in their payments? If they need to sell these properties and owe more than they are worth I can help. If you would refer them to me will  refer my buyers that need insurance to you.
  21. Contact stock brokers and ask them "Do you have people who liquidate accounts because they are behind in their mortgage       payments? If they need to sell these properties and owe more than they are worth I can help. If you would refer them to me,        I  will  refer my buyers that are looking for a great stock broker.
  22. Use "Free" credit repair offer to help homeowners who are short selling thier home with you repair their credit so they can buy    another home from you.
  23. Call or send letters to local condo associations. Ask them "Do you have property owners that are delinquent  with their HOA fees and need to sell their property and they can't. I specialize in short sales. If you refer these people to me I may be able to help them sell the property get $3,000 at the closing, get the association paid and get a new paying owner.
  24. Contact Loan Modification companies in your market. Offer to refer people wanting to do loan mods to them and ask "what do    you do with homeowners who get turned dowm for loan mods and need to do a short sale? Would you refer them to me?"
  25. Record a brief video and post it to You tube offering help for homeowners in distress situations. For ideas on what to say look at  our blogs and articles sections.
  26. Send short sale related info to local editors and producers. Offer to write short articles for them. For ideas on what to write check our blogs and articles sections.
  27. Post a note on Facebook asking people "Do you have any vacant homes in your neighborhood?" If you send me the addresses  will try to get them sold and occupied. Track down the seller by phone or letter and see if they need to do a short sale.
  28. Get a list of 90 day late’s. Some will have equity, some will not. Find an investor willing to buy properties at the right price. Give sellers options.. sell at market value, quick sale to investor, short sale.
  29. Use all of the above methods to drive sellers to a free conference call on short sales which we will host for you.

Remember to qualify as a short sale specialist all you need is the phone number of Nationwide Short Sale Solutions. We will talk to the seller and explain everything for you.

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